Let the Adventures Begin

Frugal & Free Life Timeline.


[May 24, 1994]
Born into this world.

[Sometime between May 24, 1994 and 2008]
Realize that cash rules the world.

[Same time]
Decide to refuse to allow cash to rule me.
Learn to live frugally (thanks mom & dad). No allowance. No “rewards” for the straight A’s I received throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Saving up that money, one birthday card at a time.

[August 2012 – May 2016]
Live that college life. Become student athlete (D1 cross country/track), work various jobs (at the same time), keep straight A’s (& the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship = no student loans) and save money, always.

[May 11, 2016]
Graduate college.
Time to live it up, get a big-girl job, travel — all while living cheaply.


According to my life timeline, my adventures began nearly 22 years ago.
However, since I am just now beginning to document my frugal lifestyle, we’ll call this the “beginning.”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived a pretty low-cost life.
Now that I’ve graduated college, I hope to have more time to share my frugal lifestyle with all of you who are also interested in frugal, yet adventurous living.
Please feel free to share your frugal-living ideas & always remember to enjoy the ride.

forever frugal & free,



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