S’more Sweetness — and a Sandwich

Thanks to the many restaurants whose loyalty programs’ have sent me coupons for my birthday and for simply signing up for their e-clubs, I finished out my night with some more free sweetness and a sandwich.

Since I was already in Buckhead, I decided to head over to Lenox Mall to get my first Sprinkle’s free cupcake “perk” for signing up for their loyalty program. Sprinkles is yet another place that I had not been to before today, so of course, it was extremely difficult choosing just one cupcake from the display.

16.5.21_SprinklesCupcakes3After much contemplation, I ended up choosing the Chocolate Marshmallow, due to the description: Belgian dark chocolate cake and marshmallow creme with bittersweet chocolate ganache. I know what you’re thinking —  what does that even mean? I was honestly drawn to the Belgian part, as one of my college track teammates is from Belgium and always raved about how much better their chocolate was than America’s. Although I was too “sweeted” out by this time to eat the whole thing at once (that turtle mocha from Caribou Coffee really got me), I did try the cupcake, and that is some dark, bitter-sweet stuff. It might take days for me to eat, and it could use a little bit of ice cream to dim down the bitterness, but hey, it’s still tasty.
16.5.21_CornerBakery2After Sprinkles, I took another trip to the Corner Bakery Cafe, since I forgot to get my free cookie for signing up for their e-club! I got the Monster Cookie — not completely sure why they call it that, but it could be that it is slightly big and covered with m&m’s. Oh, and it’s pretty dang good.

Finally, after too much sweetness for one day, I headed back to Kennesaw to meet with Matthew, my boyfriend, for dinner. Barrett Parkway is home to many popular stores and restaurants, so we had quite a large selection to choose from when looking at my coupon deals. We decided to go with Jason’s Deli, where we have only visited once before and where I received a $5 off birthday reward coupon.

16.5.21_JasonsDeli1Although our order did not end up being free, it was definitely discounted. I got the Zucchini Grillini, which consists of roasted zucchini, muenster, organic spinach, red onions, tomatoes, kalamata olives (which I subbed for mushrooms), roasted red pepper hummus, toasted on multigrain wheat, with a side of fruit ($6.59). All my favorite veggies + fruit —seriously so good. Matthew opted for the Chicken Caesar Salad ($7.89), which is made up of chicken breast, romaine, Asiago, croutons, creamy Caesar dressing and served with toasted herb focaccia bread.
16.5.22_JasonsDeli2In all, our meal was $10.05. But let’s not forget that unlimited ice cream (with dark chocolate syrup!) and random goodies, like the cornbread, garlic bread, and crackers, that Jason’s Deli provides. Yummy — and cheap.

Based on all of the free food, discounts, and new adventures I had today, I would have to say that it was a pretty successful Saturday!
Check back here for more updates on all of these birthday rewards!

forever frugal & free,


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