Cheap Date

One thing that I think Matthew should be extremely happy about is the fact that I am not high-maintenance. I don’t need a lot, nor do I want a lot. In fact, when he asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said nothing…then after thinking about it, I said “a hand-written note and flowers.” That’s really all I wanted, and you have to admit, that’s not a lot to ask for.

Since I am already cheap, I don’t expect Matthew to buy me expensive things  that goes for dates too. So, for my birthday, I was more than happy to use more of my birthday freebies to save us some money.

On the way home from Charleston, we stopped by Firehouse to get a free birthday sub. But to our surprise, they would not give me one  apparently now, instead of simply showing your ID, you have to download their new app and submit your information for a free birthday sub. I ended up downloading the app later, but would have to wait for my free sub to come through. So, instead, we went to Jersey Mikes to get my free birthday sub.

Charleston_17Normally, at a sub shop, I would get a turkey sandwich with all the best toppings, but Matthew suggested we try the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak  steak, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, jalapenos, extra cheese, and I added tomatoes, pickles and lettuce. Usually $7.95, Matthew and I happily split this yummy sandwich for free. Then, we went to Starbucks (Matthew was craving it) to have some iced coffee with unlimited free refills (the perks of having a Starbucks Gold Card).

Summer2016_67After enjoying our sub and coffee, we got back on the road. On our way home, Matthew’s Scion tC reached 100,000 miles, so of course we had to pull over on the highway and take a picture!

Then, we started back on the road, looking forward to the birthday meal that awaited us in Kennesaw: Provino’s Italian. Provino’s is one of very few awesome restaurants that gives you a free entree on your birthday.


Not only do they have the best garlic knots and a great, fresh salad that comes with your meal, but seriously all of their food is amazing. I got the chicken and eggplant – regularly $15.95  for free, while Matthew got the chicken and broccoli fettuccine  $14.95. Provino’s also gives generous portions, so we had leftovers to eat the next day. OH and I can’t forget the free spumoni   fresh-dipped Italian pistachio, rum-flavored ice-cream & cookie  they give you after the waiters walk out and sing happy birthday to you. SO sweet (literally).

Expenses of the Day:
Jersey Mike’s Sub: $0
Starbucks Iced Coffee (with 3 refills): $2.45
Gas: $20

Provino’s Italian: $14.95 + tip
Total: -just about $40

Overall, it was a great, cheap, 22nd birthday that started out waking up in a Walmart parking lot and ended with a delicious Italian meal 🙂

forever frugal & free,


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