Strollin’ Through Savannah

For our next road trip, we decided to travel to Savannah and then down through Jacksonville, FL and then to Matthew’s brother’s, Anthony’s house in Lakeland, FL.
Sounds like a lot of driving, I know – but luckily, we were driving the trusty old 2005 Honda Civic, which is still kickin’ and does amazing with gas mileage (31-35 mpg) even with all the luggage and bikes on the back.

2005 Honda Civic all packed up & ready to drive
The Braves Win, You Win!

Our trip to Savannah started out great – the Braves won, so that meant free Dunkin Donuts iced coffee for us! Frugal Tip: If you live in GA, get the Dunkin Donuts app on your phone to get a free coffee every time the Braves win this summer!

So, our Savannah trip was not only exciting because it was Matthew’s first time there, but it was especially exciting due to our first Airbnb experience.
After the GPS led us to the back of our Airbnb house in a not-so-nice part of town, we called our host – she did not pick up for the first few times (we thought we would have to find somewhere else to stay..), but then she sent us a text saying that she was at work and told us where the keys were and how to get into the house.
[This was the most contact we had with our host – we saw her once, said hi, and she went back to her own thing, while we went to ours, which was a-okay with me!]

Our first Airbnb experience in Savannah, GA

Although the area seemed a bit daunting, the house was really cute (despite its age) and the cream & teal room with the twin bed was comfy enough for the both of us. The house was also just a 25-minute walk to River Street, and we got to see all parts (good & bad) of Savannah on our walk.
For $31/night, this little Airbnb was not a bad deal at all.
Frugal tip: If you need a cheap place to stay for a few nights, definitely check out Airbnb to see what’s available. It’s just like staying in a hotel, but you get a more authentic experience + it doesn’t really matter how nice the place is where you’re staying if you are only there to sleep anyways.

After unpacking our car and bringing everything to our new room for the night, we made our way to River Street. We had a lot of fun exploring the town, as we visited the Peanut Shop (all the best peanuts from Williamsburg, VA), the artist’s market, and Wet Willies to enjoy a daiquiri as we walked, since Savannah allows you to drink in public on the street.
Savannah also has some great happy hours – we went to Dockside Seafood, where Matthew enjoyed $2 Miller Lites while we waited for the rain to pass.

Wet Willie’s, Savannah Streets & $2 Miller Lites
Free Crab Nachos @ Joe’s Crab Shack

And believe it or not, my restaurant e-club birthday rewards continued into our Savannah trip, when we found a Joe’s Crab Shack to use my free appetizer coupon – we got crab nachos for our free appetizer and fish and shrimp for our entree.
Frugal tip: Check out my Birthday Rewards post to see a full list of restaurants that give free food when you sign up for their e-clubs.

After dinner, we walked around to explore Savannah a bit more, and then made our way back to our Airbnb home for the night.
It was definitely a successful, not-too-pricey day in Savannah!

Expenses of our Savannah Trip:
Gas: $10
Lunch (PB&J): $0
[frugal tip: packed lunches are the cheapest lunches]

Wet Willie’s daiquiri: $8
Happy Hour Miller Lites: $5
Dinner @ Joe’s Crab Shack: $20
Airbnb: $31

Total: $74


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