Frugal Foodie

If you’ve been following the foreverfrugal_foreverfree Instagram, you’ll know that a big frugal & free moment took place during the month of August.

Thanks to the Panera Bread e-club – MyPanera – (one of the many e-clubs I signed up for during my birthday season — see birthday post), I received free Panera bagels for a MONTH.
And what makes this reward even better is the fact that I live right by a Panera. Literally 5 minutes walking distance from a Panera. So, you better believe I used that free bagel reward. Nearly every day of the month. So, naturally, I made a point to try every bagel, decided that Asiago Cheese is the way to go for a night time meal or snack, while Cinnamon Crunch takes the cake for the best breakfast bagel, and just had an overall great month of free bagels.
So I took advantage of every moment of this free bagel month, buying my own cream cheese from the grocery store, and using any other toppings I happened to have in my fridge for the week to completely deck out my bagels. And let me tell you, I got creative.


If that doesn’t make you want to sign up for more e-clubs (especially Panera!), then maybe these other great deals will encourage you…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Free food & awesome deals just for signing up for e-clubs?
Now that’s what I call living the high life at a low price.

forever frugal & free,


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