Free Fallin’

So far, one of my most favorite frugal & free things to do in Colorado has simply been to explore and adore. From the majestic mountains to the unique towns, Colorado is beautiful.
The first time I visited Boulder, I thought it was the most stunning place I had ever been, which is why I told myself right then that I would eventually move to where I could live in that beauty every day. After visiting Boulder twice during the summertime and then moving out to Denver this past summer, I didn’t think it was possible for Colorado to get any more beautiful.

Until fall.
With a shimmering blend of yellow, red, orange and green, and the golden Aspen trees shining in their prime against the bright blue Colorado skies, I can honestly say that I have never seen such a remarkable autumn.
I had long heard about the enchanting Colorado fall colors, so as it was approaching, I of course made plans to seek out the best places to experience these amazing colors.

First was Aspen.
Honestly, the 3 hour drive up through the mountains already had me wide eyed, marveling at the colorful leaves standing out amidst its rugged mountain surroundings. When we made it to the mountain town, the leaves were given a whole new backdrop of colorful houses and brick buildings housing high-end restaurants and unique boutiques, bringing the colors out in a whole different way. Already awestruck by the beauty of the blended colors in this picturesque town, you can only imagine how I felt when we biked up the mountain road through the multicolored wonderland that opened up into a vivid mountain paradise ~ Maroon Bells ~ the most photographed place in Colorado. And wow. Just wow.

You know what the most amazing part of fall in Colorado has been though?
The fact that I actually don’t have to drive 3 hours up to the most photographed place in Colorado to admire Colorado’s fall colors.
In fact, just this past weekend, Matthew and I drove 30 minutes to Golden, where we hiked the Chimney Gulch Trail up to Lookout Mountain. And those dazzling Fall leaves were just as vibrant – right up against a mountain side, a creek, and the various dirt paths.
But the glamour of fall doesn’t stop there.
Just the other day, it struck me. I don’t even have to drive 30 minutes to behold Fall’s extraordinary artistry. In fact, Colorado’s autumnal delight is right outside my door ~ at the various parks I walk, along the roads I drive, and from my very own balcony ~ I get to gaze upon Fall’s grace and wonder everywhere I go.
And I absolutely cannot get enough of it.

So far, Colorado’s Summer has been exceptional. Currently, Colorado’s Fall is breathtaking. And although I’m still waiting to see what winter brings, I’ve decided that, until then, Colorado, you’re perfect.


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