Downtown Living

I may be a little late on this, but I figured I should still fill you all in ~ we moved.


We decided we wanted a change from the slow-paced life of the Tech Center; so, we headed straight for the action & now we’re living in downtown Denver!

No, this was not an easy decision. We knew we wanted to get out of the DTC, and we knew we wanted to be closer to the city, but we didn’t know how close we wanted to be. Since Matthew works in the Tech Center and I work downtown, we were of course trying to find a place somewhere in the middle, hopefully somewhere near a park and bike trails (not too hard to do in Denver) and most importantly, somewhere by a lightrail station for an easy commute.

At that time, we knew quite a bit about Denver’s crazy high rental prices (they’re still rising, folks!), so we knew what to expect, and set a higher budget (we decided we didn’t want to go above $1,400/month) than what we had originally anticipated when we first moved to Denver a year and a half ago (when we thought we could get a nice place for under $1000/month).

After touring multiple apartments, we were not sold on any of the ones located between our work places, mostly due to the unreasonable price we’d have to pay for what we were actually getting. We were definitely discouraged when nothing automatically stood out, but we were also determined to find something.

It was Matthew who insisted we visit the high-rise in the middle of downtown. I was hesitant, but figured I’d give it a look. At the time, the 1-year-old apartment complex was trying to fill their units, as they had originally set their prices too high; so, lucky for us, they were offering 6 weeks free, bringing the rental price below $1,300/month. We were interested in 1 bedrooms and studios (yeah, I guess Matthew & I still love each other enough to share a studio together), and truly loved the studio layout much more than the 1-bedroom, as the windows were so much more prominent, letting in so much more light (& if you know me, you know I thrive off of sunshine). After the tour, we were sold.

Fast forward 3 months and we love this place.

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From the rooftop pool, fitness center & terrace, to the younger crowd and community events, this apartment has everything we need for where we are right now. No, it’s not perfect – there have been minor issues with the complex, struggles with fitting our stuff in the new space (even though the studio is a bit larger than our last, there isn’t as much closet space – IKEA furniture was our solution), and the commute, while ideal for me, (3-block walk to work ayyyyyyy!) isn’t the best for Matthew (though we are just 3 blocks from the lightrail station – check!).

Despite the small imperfections, we are incredibly happy with our decision to move downtown.
There’s SO much more to do here at all times – from the nearby parks and events, to the wide variety of restaurants and breweries – and we’re just soaking it all in.

And of course, I’ll try to be better about sharing everything we experience on here too!
Until then…


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