My Golden Year

Apparently, this year is my golden year, as I just turned 24 on the 24th of May.
I actually didn’t know what a golden year was until my friend told me that it was mine this year… but apparently it’s supposed to be my “lucky year.”

I’m not sure if I’ve ever believed too much in luck, but based on the several giveaways I’ve won lately, perhaps it truly is my “lucky year.” Whether it is or isn’t, all I know is that I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to attend some of Denver’s best events for free recently!

IMG_2119For my birthday, I won 2 tickets to Chicken Fight Fest in an Instagram contest (best birthday present ever). Never did I ever think that I could be overwhelmed by free fried chicken until that night.
From the delicious slider at FNG and the Nashville Hot with ranch at Chicken Rebel, to the chicken waffle cone at Fire on the Mountain and the tasty cocktails from several other vendors, not to forget the refreshing beer from 10 Barrel & Wicked Weed AND the 30+ other fried chicken and cocktail samples ~ all while Buckstein was playing some country hits ~ I was happily overwhelmed.

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IMG_2426Another recent event I’ve attended, thanks to an Instagram giveaway, was the Wings & Whiskey Festival! Hosted at Ace, this festival was full of great wings from Cho 77, Hop Alley, The Highland Tavern, Osage Cafe, GQue BBQ and more. + there was some great beer from Lefthand Brewing and mixed whiskey drinks from Ace! Oh, and you can’t forget the amazing Choco Taco. Altogether, the Wings & Whiskey Festival was another overwhelmingly delicious experience where I was able to try a bunch of great local spots.

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Aside from winning Instagram giveaways, I also just recently became apart of the Yelp Elite Squad. As a Yelp Elite member, not only do I get to rave about local businesses via my reviews, but I also I get invited to some fun Yelp events where I’m exposed to even more local businesses. A couple weeks ago, I attended Yelp Rocks Out, in support of Youth on Record‘s Fempowered Program. Here, we were able to enjoy so many free goodies from Denver restaurants and companies, all while listening to great music and crossing our fingers to win some sweet giveaways.

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Another fun Yelp event was the Cherry Creek Arts Fest Kick Off Party at Moxy Denver, where we enjoyed free tasty bites, refreshing drinks and a social, cool atmosphere all in celebration of the Cherry Creek Arts Fest!

I sincerely hope that my luck continues throughout my golden year, as every single event I’ve been to has been a great experience, exposing me to great local restaurants, unique people and good times in Denver.
Here’s to 24!


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