“Ever been to Telluride?”
Last year, Matthew and I were riding the lightrail back home from a day in downtown when a mobility-impaired man asked us this unexpected question.
“No,” we replied. “But it’s on our list!”
He then went on to tell us about how amazing Telluride was and how we needed to go. One of his biggest regrets was not being able to ski as much as he wanted to in Telluride before the incident.
“Go. And you guys will love it. You seem like two people who would really love it,” he said.
Before he got off the rail, he left us with one request. “Just, don’t tell anyone about it, okay? Because once too many people know about it, it won’t be as special anymore.”


I think the word has been out for a while, so I’d like to think I’m not breaking my promise by sharing a little bit of our Telluride experience with you all ~ it’s just too beautiful not to share.

Nearly a year after our lightrail conversation, we, along with 2 other friends, finally made the trek to Telluride.
& I don’t think we’ve ever been anywhere like it.
A former Victorian mining town engulfed by mountains. Hiking trails sprouting from the streets and up into the trees overlooking the town. A 4-stop gondola that connects Telluride to Mountain Village and offers views like no other (oh, and it’s totally free). Beautiful camp sites throughout the surrounding Rockies, like Alta Lakes (also free to camp here!). Oh, and let’s not forget the charming shops and impressive array of highly reviewed restaurants, including Brown Dog Pizza with the most delicious Detroit-style pizza I’ve ever had.

We spent only one day in Telluride, but it truly lived up to the hype.

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Thank you to the man who told us to go to this beautiful place.
We’ll be back.


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