I can’t believe I never took the time to write about my experience in Taiwan!
My best friend had already been living there, teaching kiddos how to speak English, for over a year when I finally took the trip out there.

Taroko National Park

Flights weren’t cheap – around $700 – but I thought that was pretty reasonable for transportation across the world. Isn’t that crazy? Just a 20-hour flight and you can be in a totally different country.

And a totally different country it was! My friend Amanda showed me all the things she loved about this tiny place. I landed in Taipei, where I exchanged my money for Taiwan’s currency, the TWD (New Taiwan Dollar) – after doing research, I found exchanging in the airport was the most reasonable option. I only needed 400 American dollars to spend throughout my trip – I used that money for train transportation, food (the most delicious food!) and hostels – I love reasonable countries.

Because I had no idea what I wanted to do in Taiwan (other than see my best friend), Amanda planned our whole trip for us ❤ and we literally traveled – by scooter & train – around the entire country.

From Taipei (Taiwan’s capital) to Taichung (Amanda’s home for the 2 years she was there) to Xiao Liu Qiu (the tiniest island – scooted around the whole thing in about 30 minutes) to Hualien (home to beautiful Taroko National Park) to Jiufen (cutest little town with a magical night market) and finally back to Taipei for my flight home.

The 10 days were a whirlwind of random adventures and I loved every second of it. Some highlights were…the amazing street food (I tried almost everything..except the stinky tofu because I could not get past that smell), the peaceful people (who all seemed to be so relaxed) and the beautiful sights (including Dakeng, Taroko Gorge & Rainbow Village).

Because there’s no way I can reminisce with only words, here are the photos that bring me back to it all.

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Such a small country filled with so many magical things, Taiwan was truly a treat to visit. I honestly don’t think I would ever have even thought to travel there if it wasn’t for Amanda. So all of my thanks goes to her – for moving out there, planning my trip and showing me this unsuspectingly beautiful country!



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