Passbook & Pub Pass

Okay, so I know it doesn’t have to be Thursday for you to want a drink. But the phrase Thirsty Thursday is just too perfect for today’s deal of the day revolving around drinking (& eating) in Denver.

With so many great deals out there, it just doesn’t make sense to pay full price whenever you go out for drinks. And I want to share those deals with you!

Today’s Thirsty Thursday is all about PASSBOOKS.
And I don’t mean “passports” like the ones that enable you to travel the world.
I’m talking about the passports that enable you to drink in Denver for basically FREE.

There are a ton of passbook deals out there, but I’m going to take this time to highlight 2 of my current favorites – and 2 that you can buy for yourself right now!

#1 is the Denver Dining Out Passbook.
This book is the book of all books. You get this book and you have access to buy-one-get-one deals at 125+ restaurants in Denver (or Boulder if you opt for the Boulder Dining Out Passbook).

This book literally changes your life.

Those boujee restaurants that you’ve been wanting to try but you’ve decided that they’re just not worth the money? With the Denver Dining Out Passbook, they’re HALF OFF. And not just half off drinks (including cocktails, beers, COFFEE), but half off entrees, too!

This book has brought Matthew & I to so many restaurants that we had written off or didn’t really even consider. But with the BOGO deals, we’re determined to try them all.

This passbook is such a great way to get a food tour of our city at a great discount. It’s currently $99, but believe me – it pays for itself! If you’re not ready to drop the cash on it this year (it does expire Jul 2020), consider when the passbook goes on sale for next year: I got mine for $40 when it first came out! Now THAT’S a steal.

#2 is the Pub Pass.
Matthew’s brother got a pass for each of us for Christmas and it’s seriously one of THE best gifts – especially for people who love going to allllll the breweries (like us).

There are a few really cool things about this pass:
1. It’s available in multiple cities all over the U.S. – not just Denver! Other cities include Boulder, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Tampa.

2. The deals in this book are good for one beer at 25 breweries throughout the city! That means just ONE beer for FREE – no buy-one-get-one or any strings attached…literally just free beer. Amazing.

3. This pass is only $25!!! That’s $25 for 25 free beers, which would be equivalent to $125+ at most places. WOW.

Both of these passbooks offer such sweet deals that I just had to share with you all.
So go buy them for yourself or buy them for a friend! & get ready to explore Denver from a whole new, frugal foodie & drinkie (?) perspective.


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