Google Flights: How To


I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I’m able to find such cheap flights.
My answer is always just 2 words: Google Flights

There are a lot of other great websites and apps out there – from Kayak to Skyscanner to Hopper and so many more. Those are all great options; however, I prefer Google Flights because it’s integrated with my Google email and it’s just super easy to use!

To start tracking for cheap flights on Google, first go ahead and enter ‘Google Flights‘ in your search bar & click on the first option that appears ‘Flights – Google


On the Flights home page, enter your destination airport + the dates you’re planning to depart and return.


Once your flight results appear, you have the option to track prices for all flights during that date.


If you click on a specific departure and return flight, you have the option to track flights for that specific flight time as well.

When you track flights, you’ll receive an email notification every time the price of your flights increase or decrease (pictured below).
Hint: one of the best days to buy plane tickets on the cheap is Tuesday. For whatever reason, airlines drop the flights significantly on that day.


Additionally, once you begin tracking flight prices, you can see all of your tracked flights on the Google Flights main page (as long as you’re logged into your Google account).


When you click ‘View all’ to see all of your current tracked flights, you can see the performance of the pricing for the destination’s flights over time, so you know what to expect based on when you’re trying to book.


One last feature that I want to highlight on Google Flights is the ‘Explore destinations‘ option.


When you click ‘Explore destinations,’ you are taken to a map view of ‘GREAT VALUE’ flight options all over the world. This is a super cool feature if you’re just looking for a cheap getaway anywhere in the world!


And that’s it! That’s my “secret” to finding cheap flights.

One thing to note is that Google Flights does not show Southwest Airlines prices. However, I have found that Southwest usually doesn’t offer as good of prices as the other airlines shown in Google Flights unless you’re buying a one-way ticket (sometimes you can find a good deal on Southwest that way).

Another thing to note is that sometimes the cheapest flights do come with an added cost – and I don’t mean money. Some of the cheapest flights are those red-eye flights we all dread. But if you’re willing to give a little on the timing, you can get quite a deal on the flight!

I always love to hear about other people’s strategies for finding reasonable flights. So, if you have your own secret to finding cheap flights, please share in a comment below! And if you have any questions about how to use Google Flights, let me – or Google – know.


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