Dalgona Coffee

By this point in quarantine, everyone who reads the news or peruses social media or uses Google or … basically anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows about dalgona coffee.

It’s everywhere.
So, naturally, just like everyone else, I was intrigued and just had to try it.

I already had most of the ingredients…because well, it literally only requires 3 ingredients. Sugar, hot water, instant coffee. All I needed was instant coffee.

So, like the good social distancers we are, Matthew and I ordered instant coffee via Walmart delivery services. With the whole pandemic situation, we figured our order would be a bit delayed. 

It took 2 weeks for our instant coffee to be delivered.
And when it finally got here, you better believe we were PUMPED.

That night, we gathered our ingredients – yes, all 3 of them – and Matthew created a mixer (drill + tape + whisk) to prep for the next morning’s much-anticipated dalgona coffee experience.

In the morning, we followed the recipe we had read too many times (the simplest recipe, really) doubled for 2 people:

  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • 4 tbsp hot water
  • 4 tbsp instant coffee


We mixed the above ingredients together with our homemade mixer for about 5 minutes and watched as our coffee masterpiece got thicker and creamier.

Just FYI: I know a lot of articles say you can mix it by hand – and you can – but be prepared for a wrist/arm workout (and a longer prep time because ouch).

Once everything was creamy, we tasted the delicacy on its own.
It literally tasted like a weird, toasted marshmallow…but really not as good as a regular toasted marshmallow.

But when I poured a glass of almond milk (> than any other type of milk in my opinion), over some ice and plopped the creamy substance into the milk…


Tastes like a delicious, creamy iced latte.

Overall, I was really impressed that dalgona coffee actually lived up to the hype. We like it so much that we’ve actually made it every day since we received our instant coffee 5 days ago. And you better believe we’re going to keep making it.


Have you made dalgona coffee yet?
If so, what’d you think of it?


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