One of my favorite seasons is here and I’m so here for it.
This post is dedicated to all things fall, which I figured would be best summed up in few words and mostly photos.

To kick off fall in Colorado, we went hiking in Frisco on the third weekend of September.

The leaves were unreal on North Tenmile Trail, just outside of downtown Frisco.

I mean, come on…

On the fourth weekend of September, we decided to go up 285 to check out all the leaves that bring tourists in from around the country. We camped near Kenosha Pass, where we went four-wheeling (like the good ol’ high school days) and saw some of the most vibrant colors.

When we woke up, we went on a hike off of Guanella Pass – a place we’ve always avoided during the Fall due to the crowds. But hey, figured we’d have to get out there sometime! And we’re glad we did.

After these past two weekends, I am so excited for Fall to be here.
I only wish the leaves would last longer.

Leave a comment below with your favorite fall adventure thus far!


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