East Coast Road Trip: Boston

Boston → Cape Cod → New York → Philadelphia → Virginia Beach → Charlotte → Nashville

One thing that COVID has done to us is made us stir crazy.
In the end, this has played in our favor, as we’ve really embraced the mountains more than ever before.
But during early Fall, we got stir crazy enough to want to get out of the state and see new things. So, we decided to take advantage of the lower COVID case counts across the country and get out before it got bad again.

We dreamed up a whole East Coast road trip, mostly consisting of cities we had never been to, and we made it happen! All the way from Boston to Nashville – there was truly never a dull moment.

Each city was a different story.
In turn, I’m going to reflect on each city in a different blog post, starting with…

>> Boston <<

I cannot believe we had never been to Boston! What a unique, historic, clean, beautiful, sprawling city. When we landed in Boston at around 6:00 PM on a Thursday night, we took the free shuttle from the airport into downtown, where we checked into our hotel, dropped our bags, grabbed a cookie (thank you, Double Tree ❤ ), and headed out to explore.

We were just a few blocks from the Boston Public Garden, so we walked through the well-lit park, stretching our legs and searching for some grub. Boston gave us major Irish vibes, so we felt like a pub was the way to go. Plus, most places were already closed by the time we started getting hungry and we knew we could count on the pubs being open.

Guiness and Fish ‘n Chips & JJ Foley’s

We stumbled upon JJ Foley’s Bar & Grille, walked right in, and immediately felt super cozy inside the charming, family-run pub. We ordered the fish & chips to split, plus of course a couple of beers – a coffee IPA and Guinness included – and cheered to our time in Boston.

Boston runs on Dunkin’

The next morning, we continued to embrace every part of Boston – from the city’s love of Dunkin’ and the beautifully maintained parks and trails (including the Public Garden and Rose Kennedy Greenway) to the Harbor Walk, the lobster roll (from Boston Chowda Co @ Faneuil Hall), and finally, Sam Adams.

The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the beer was great.
The only downfall to our time in Boston was when we picked up the rental car and attempted to drive out of the city. What a mess. Boston may be one of the most confusing places to drive – especially with the amount of tunnels making you lose your cell signal and causing you to lose track of where you’re going. I’ve always said I’d rather walk than drive, and this experience solidified that preference even more.

But when we finally made it out, we were on our way to a little paradise – or, almost paradise – known as Cape Cod.

Stay tuned for our Cape Code adventure in a future post.


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