East Coast Road Trip: Cape Cod

Boston → Cape Cod → New York → Philadelphia → Virginia Beach → Charlotte → Nashville

After the struggle we experienced driving out of busy Boston, Matthew and I were beyond ready for a relaxing weekend in Cape Cod.

We arrived at our Cape Cod “resort” (Beachside Village Resort) in Falmouth right after sunset, so we couldn’t see how our temporary home actually appeared until morning. That night, we bought some wine from a liquor store and drank as we strolled to Falmouth’s main street. Lined with a variety of restaurants and shops, main street had ample options for dinner. We landed on a Mexican restaurant called Anejo – not only because we could eat Mexican food for every meal, but also because it had the longest wait time, so we figured it had to be good.

We weren’t disappointed. We ordered margaritas and two delicious entrees – the Camarones Mojo and the Chipotle Beef Chimichanga – and were super satisfied.

After dinner, we walked back to our little room and quickly fell asleep.
We woke up to the waves crashing on the shore.
As I walked over to our balcony, I could see and hear the ocean clearly, just across the street. I knew we’d be close to the beach, but the ocean view from our balcony was a pleasant surprise.

I promptly woke Matthew up to get dressed and walk down to the sand. When we stepped outside, however, we were blown away by the most powerful wind. We couldn’t feel it on the balcony, but as we got closer to the shore, the wind only grew stronger. Little did we know the wind would be the theme of the day.

So, instead of walking along the beach, we opted to walk to town to get breakfast. We stopped in at a cute coffee shop, Martha’s, where Matthew ordered a breakfast sandwich and a coffee, while I got a smoothie and a latte.

From there, we began our drive across the Cape. We took historic route 6A before we had to get on the interstate to make it up to Cape Cod National Seashore. It was honestly too windy to get out and walk around a ton. So we did a lot of sight-seeing from the car. Along the way, we stopped at Truro Vineyards which was super relaxing and beautiful. When we made it to Provincetown, the wind made us decide against walking across the Provincetown Causeway to the famous Race Point Lighthouse. Instead, we drank some wine (yes, we drank a lot of wine on this trip) and walked around Provincetown until we settled on a spot for food.

After dinner, we made the trek back to Falmouth where we curled up in bed, watched Friends reruns, and listened to the wind die down outside.

Come morning time, the wind was almost non-existent, so we decided to go on a nice, much-less-windy walk along the beach and around the neighborhood. We took in all of the charming Cape Cod homes and the untouched natural scenery before packing up and heading back to Boston to catch our Amtrak.

The wind may have kept us from doing all we wanted to do in Cape Cod, but hey, at least we got the relaxing getaway we imagined.

Next stop: New York.


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