First Watch

When I was in college, I remember when the first First Watch I had seen was built in Kennesaw, Georgia. I had heard such good things about this cozy brunch spot, but for whatever reason, I never tried it. Thankfully, last year, I discovered the First Watch in Arvada, and soon realized that there were multiple First Watch restaurants near Denver.

My first experience at First Watch was for a Yelp event. We were served a free 3-course breakfast-for-dinner meal. From the million-dollar bacon to the lemon ricotta pancakes, it was all so fresh and flavorful.

After that, of course Matthew & I went back. We have now been to First Watch multiple times and I am always pleasantly overwhelmed by their extensive menu of delicious food options, their variety of fresh-squeezed juices, and of course, their famous coffee.

To date, my favorite meals from First Watch that I’d recommend to anyone would be any of the skillets (Matthew loves the Parma, I love the Market), the Power Quinoa Bowl, and the Chickichanga.

Also, it’s worth noting that almost all of our favorite dishes were recommended by our servers. We’ve always had great, personable service at First Watch, which is definitely an important part of any dining experience.

Have you been to First Watch? What’s your go-to order there?
Let me know in the comments below!


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