Hi, I’m Claire

The creator of Hangry & Restless.

Since graduating from college in Georgia, my husband and I have been somewhat of a world-traveling couple. We moved to Denver, where we lived for 5 years when the pandemic hit and our jobs gave us the flexibility to work from home.

We felt it would be silly not to take advantage of the opportunity to live anywhere, so we sold all of our stuff, packed up our car, and have since been traveling to different states, living out months in different cities.

While we’ve clearly subjected ourselves to many changes, and truly don’t know what’s next, one thing has stayed true through them all: our love for food and travel.

Cue Hangry & Restless.

Hangry and Restless is the product of my passion for trying new foods and experiencing new places – and most importantly, sharing them with all of you. It’s my creative outlet, and ultimately, my platform for highlighting recipes and recommendations for food and adventure.

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