Cheap Chillin’ with Coffee & Sweets

Let the birthday freebies begin πŸŽˆ

Today, I took a trip to Atlanta. Originally, I planned to bike the Silver Comet Trail and venture to get some birthday freebies afterwards, but the rain switched my plans around.

Before biking, I ended up going to the Corner Bakery Cafe in Buckhead. For my free birthday reward, I could get any bakery sweet. I had never been to Corner Bakery, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I saw the blueberry handpie staring back at me from behind the glass display, I knew that was going to be my freebie. A pastry stuffed with gooey, blueberry, goodness, all free and all mine β€” yum.
16.5.21_CornerBakeryThen, I was able to drive right down the road (surprisingly, traffic wasn’t too bad considering I was in Buckhead), and get my freebie at Caribou Coffee β€” a free medium beverage of my choice. I had never been to Caribou Coffee either, so I asked the barista some questions about the coolers and signature drinks, and quickly decided to get a blended Turtle Mocha β€” a cold, blended beverage mixed with coffee, milk, caramel, and your choice of chocolate (I chose milk chocolate, upon the barista’s suggestion). SO good, and free.
16.5.21_CaribouCoffee&CornerBakeryCafeSince the rain didn’t seem like it would be letting up anytime soon, I happily enjoyed both the handpie and the turtle mocha while working on some job applications for the Mile High City – oh yeah, did I mention I’m moving from Atlanta to Denver in less than a month?
Be sure to check back here for more info on that later!

forever frugal & free,


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